"Working with Rachael/Evolving Pain has been life-changing for me.  To learn that I didn't have to accept the  level of pain I was in, and that there was hope for a better quality of life, was amazing. Through coaching I was able to learn about pain,  ways to manage it more effectively and not have it control my life anymore. I learnt about myself too! Rachael's knowledge, empathy, passion and professional connections make her a wonderful practitioner. I would recommend Evolving Pain to anyone struggling with their pain journey as an adjunct to traditional, manual therapy."

- Beth 

"We were very lucky to have our son referred to Evolving Pain through his pain specialist for physiotherapy and pain management. At the time our son was in a wheelchair and in, pretty much, constant pain. Through working with Rachael, our son was able to learn how to work within his limitations whilst at the same time empowering him to continue to extend those limits. Rachael’s approach is quite different to most physiotherapists we had previously been to and she really individualises her approach to each patient. Rachaell has wide connections in the pain management community and these helped us to link in with other professionals that helped continue our sons recovery. Our son is now off all pain medication and back at school full time (although currently online). Rachael was an absolute integral part of his recovery."

- Elissa