Art Therapist and Counsellor

"I am passionate about what I do. I have always loved listening to others’ stories and soon became fervent about exploring human behaviour and responses to unexpected events. I have lived both in ease and chaos; and have learnt to explore my thoughts in different environments. In music, ceramic, in painting or in writing, I explore my own layers of self and reform my outer with every self-encounter.

I completed my masters in Art therapy at  Latrobe University and am currently undertaking graduate studies in psychology at Monash University. I have a deep interest in art and philosophy as they make us think deeper and see reality from different angles. As a Counsellor and a mental health practitioner, I assist my clients to maintain their treatment regimes, monitoring their mental health and safety. I am aware of cultural responsive framework and employ a sensitive practice in working with individuals from different backgrounds.

I facilitate workshops, groups, and one on one art therapy sessions to assist my clients to thrive and grow from their trauma and psychological struggles. I utilize a variety of materials and different forms of arts in my therapy sessions wherein clients can explore  and choose the methods they are most comfortable with and find best to connect to. I find music healing and work with a wide range of art materials to both reflect and regulate my feelings."