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Occupational Therapy at Evolving Pain

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy aspires to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals by enhancing engagement in activities that provide meaning, purpose and significance to individuals. Pain management within Occupational Therapy does not just focus on pain management, but rather considering functional goals and challenges encountered, offering strategies for functional capacity opportunities. 


Through the use of assessments and interventions, specifically targeted to address the needs of the individual, Occupational Therapy can help you to work on goal progression and building capacity to regain greater control over their life. Occupational Therapy takes a holistic approach to your journey, considering the biopsychosocial factors that either promote or hinder engagement. Such allows for a targeted intervention plan that are specific to you and your own needs and goals.

What is Occupational Therapy at Evolving Pain?

In addition to pain management education (based off evidence-based practice and current neuroscience evidence), Evolving Pain offers the following Occupational Therapy services in relation to pain management:

  •  Initial Occupational Therapy Pain Assessments and Intervention Plan

  •  Sensory Processing Assessments and Interventions, inclusive of self-regulation

  •  Functional Capacity Assessments

  •  Assistive Technology Assessments and Recommendations

  •  Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) 

  •  Cognitive Capacity and Learning Processes associated with Pain 

  •  Goal Setting and Motivational Interviewing 

  •  Energy Conservation and Pacing 

  •  Activity and Routine Planning 

  •  Sleep Hygiene 

  •  Mindfulness

  •  Community Re-Integration

  •  Biofeedback Techniques associated with enhanced functional and psychosocial capacity

  •  Safety and Coping Skills

Our Occupational Therapists

Amy Gowland

Senior Occupational Therapist


Nikki Knighton

Senior Occupational Therapist

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