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Physiotherapy at Evolving Pain

What is a Pain Physiotherapist?

  • We are experts in understanding the complexities of pain, often beyond a musculoskeletal framework.

  • We keep up to date with the fast changing world of Pain Sciences

  • We are Psychologically informed and have additional Psychological training

  • We are trained at high level of clinical reasoning and can diagnose pain conditions. 

  • We work very closely with Pain Physicians, and the broader allied health community 


Pain specialisation is a relatively newly acknowledged area of Physiotherapy, and it differs greatly from a traditional biomedical approach to management. Pain Physiotherapy involves longer appointment times to gain a deeper understanding of the individual's story and life circumstances leading up to their pain onset and beyond. The approach is person-centered and person-driven by way of working through their personal obstacles to regaining a meaningful and active life. 


Our Physiotherapists

Rachael Sheat


APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist


Martina Egan

APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist

Yoga Teacher

Embodiment Coach


Marie Pham

Senior Physiotherapist 

APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist


Elmie Hoevenaars


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