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About Evolving Pain

Evolving pain was formally created in July 2018 in Werribee, however the vision and professional experience behind Evolving Pain has been in the works for over a decade. 

Rachael has worked as a professional in the area of Chronic and Complex pain for the past 16 years and has been privileged to work alongside a widespread population of like-minded medical and allied health individuals throughout her journey. 

Rachael is an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist and this year (2024) has commenced her Fellowship with the Australian College of Physiotherapists for Specialisation in Pain Physiotherapy. Alongside this, Rachael is also a NOI Instructor and does regular teaching at various tertiary institutions. ​

It fast became apparent that effectively managing chronic pain is bigger than any discipline on its own. We believe that in order to treat pain well we must consider all of the facets of the person and the research is behind us on this.  An active multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain occurs at Evolving Pain through collaborative, open communication between all professional team members involved in your care (or linking you in to broader support if necessary). This aims to translate into empowerment through knowledge enrichment, giving you the reigns, however as your coach we remain close by supporting you in every step through this journey back to recovery. 

The science says recovery is on the cards for everyone with chronic pain, and we agree!

At Evolving Pain we will listen deeply to you, hearing your personal story. We will build scaffolding around you so that you have the support and security to take steps towards reaching the top of your (metaphorical) mountain. We acknowledge that pain journeys are often windy, intricate and complex paths and are always intensely personal. These journeys require navigation support, endurance, persistence, energy, information and often a hand to hold when you reach a difficult crossroad.

At Evolving Pain we acknowledge that your body is not a machine nor a computer. More often than not people in persistent pain do not respond well to isolated replacement parts, fancy new switches, tune ups and restarts. The research agrees. We are human and whilst our complexities may often be our struggles they can also be our greatest assets.  

We like to think of your mind and body as a garden - it needs nourishment, ongoing support, sunlight, and a whole bunch of love which presents in differing requirements so that you can thrive across a range of presenting environments. This requires curiosity, consistency in care, and robustness in pain literacy to weather the storms. 

Evolving Pain therapists are coaches that pride themselves on compassion, encouragement, and knowledge to better support you in your journey to recovery.   

If you choose to take the very brave step to contact us for an appointment, please know that you'll be greeted by a smile, an ear and a safe environment to share your story and take the next empowering step in regaining control over your pain and its impact on your life. 

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