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Peer Supervision and Mentoring

Offered by our OTs and Physios

We love learning and growing. And we also love to help others that love to learn and grow. We offer clinical supervision / mentorship in what we are most passionate about - Pain. This is open to all AHPRA registered health professionals and also our growing medical community.


Please reach out if you are an individual who would like further support in this often tricky space. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had zero or 20 years of experience working in the field, there is always something to learn. We curate a mentorship pathway that supports you as an individual in the best possible way to achieve confidence and clarity in your clinical interactions, empowering you to thrive on your individual path to professional mastery.


Rach mentored for the Australian Physiotherapy Association Women in Leadership stream in 2023, and would also extend an invitation to support individual women whom are in leadership positions in healthcare or own the health businesses through a non-clinical mentorship program. Please reach out if you would like further support in this area.

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