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Nahla Sheat

Part-Time Clinic Pooch

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If you come in to our clinic on one of our more quiet days you may be graced by the beautiful Nahla. Nahla is our 15 month old Golden Retriever teddy bear who loves a cuddle and a belly rub. She is very comfortable around all people young and old, as some of her favourite humans are her 3 young sisters (and their teddies). She is very gentle and placid and will be undertaking her formal training as a therapy dog in the future .


Please note Golden Retrievers do shed so we certainly won't be offended if you wish to avoid being covered in golden kisses - there is a lint roller in the clinic kitchen for those who like to dress in black.


If you prefer to attend the clinic on Nahla's day off for any reason, please flick us a message and we'll make it happen, no questions.


“You are the most gorgeous, sweetest bundle of fluff and you always put a smile on my face when I see you”

Matt D

“There's something special about dogs, always calming and they can sense you need a cuddle, thank you Nahla”


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