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Martina is an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist who has been working with persistent and acute pain patients in Australia, Switzerland and Germany for over 20 years.


Next to her clinical work she has been teaching health care professionals in Physiology of Pain and Pain Management, including the courses ‘Explain Pain’ and ‘GMI’ for NOI, (since 2003) and as a Tutor for the Pain Science module for Advanced Clinical Sciences Master at Latrobe University, (since 2014).


Through her personal yoga journey and her yoga teacher training she aims to blend breath and movement strategies with embodiment coaching and cognitive behavioural pain management work.


Since 2017 Martina has been a senior physiotherapist in the interdisciplinary, outpatient Network Pain Management Program Precision Ascend.

Special areas of interest:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Yoga

  • Embodiment practice

Martina Egan

APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist

Yoga Teacher

Embodiment Coach

Pain Coach

Meet Martina! 

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