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Marie Pham

APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

Pain Coach

Early in my career I was focused on clinical pilates and human movement, and was inspired to do my masters to become a Sports Physiotherapist. I was working in sport clinics and was the head physiotherapist for AFLW North Melbourne FC for a few years. 


My interest in pain started when I was seeing more persistent pain presentations, and the standard sports physiotherapy wasn't helping. It led me to focusing on pain sciences and the importance of an integrated approach to mental and physical health. I completed a graduate certificate in mental health, and started working in pain management clinics with a team of doctors and psychologists. I've been lucky to be mentored by fantastic pain physiotherapists and have been combining my sports physio and pain physio training, with focus on promoting natural movement from head to toe.


I'm perpetually learning and have completed a mindfulness based stress reduction course, ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) course, and stress inoculation for whiplash. I'm also passionate about providing neuro affirming physiotherapy being neurodivergent myself. 


Outside of physiotherapy you will find me playing fustal/soccer, doing pottery, drawing, knitting, crocheting, reading books and talking about food. 


Special areas of interest:

  • Persistent foot and ankle pain

  • Gait / movement retraining

  • Abdominal / persistent pelvic pain

  • Neurodivergence and pain processing

  • Using Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) in Pain Management

Meet Marie!


"I was very apprehensive before meeting Marie, wow did she open my mind about the science of pain. Although I have along way to go on my journey, the light has been relit at the end of the tunnel "



" Marie has amazing knowledge that is put into common sense"



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