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There is nothing wrong with being a unicorn...

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Part One: By Amy Gowland

Here at Evolving Pain, we work with unicorns each and every day – but what makes someone a unicorn?

We see unicorns as people with invisible illnesses, that all have their own unique set of symptoms and functional impairments. No two people are the same and that’s what we love about the people that walk through the Evolving Pain door. Whilst the term unicorn can permeate interpretations of magic, mystery, legendary, invisibility, etc. you can interpret this however you wish. But at the end of the day, we see you and hear you, and why can’t unicorns live a life that is rich and meaningful to them?

So many people come through our doors saying that they have been let down by the health system. For many, there has been medical gas-lighting, feelings of invalidation and feelings of not being heard or believed in their experience – and this needs to change. Whilst there are some amazing specialists and health professionals out there that understand invisible illness, particularly that aligned with persistent pain, there is still a growing number of practitioners that aren’t aware or don’t understand it.

Unfortunately, whilst we can try to educate as many people as possible, clients and practitioners alike, this is something that is going to stick around for quite some time and isn’t going to change overnight.

Unicorns are known for shining at different angles, sparkling when others can’t and digging deep to find that pot of gold in the darkest of places and consistently trying in the absence of answers. Some of our most inspiring humans are unicorns and it’s their unique take on the world that, if harnessed, nourished and supported can be celebrated beyond any linear achievement model.

Our blogs are going to explore a range of topics, strategies and tools that may or may not be beneficial for you. There will be some suggestions or topics that may be irrelevant or not applicable to you, but that’s ok. Remember, there is no one-size fits all solution to this. Often there is a lot of trial and error, but there is also much trial and exploration that can come from being curious within yourself and others. You can tell us anything and everything – this is what we are here for.

Unicorns need to and deserve to be heard, as this journey is one you are living, so let’s try and add some curiosity to it and start exploring the possibilities to working towards your own goals!

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